Centre for Internship and Industry Interaction (CIII)


Applications are invited for the various internship posts in Atal Incubation Centre-Pondicherry Engineering College Foundation. The details of the Internship posts are furnished below. Last date for application- 24th Sep-2019.


About Centre for Internship and Industry Interaction

Centre for Internship and Industry Interaction (CIII) is a constituent body of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC), Pondicherry Engineering College. The centre facilitates the students of PEC to undergo Internship in Industries and promote Industry interaction. The centre also support students to fulfill the mandatory academic requirement of getting 2 credits by undergoing Internship in an Industry/Research Laboratory/Incubation Centre/Higher Learning Institution/ for a minimum period of 6 weeks in a maximum of three spells during vacation. Major activities of the centre include-

  1. Facilitating students by providing list of Industries with address and to support them to avail Internships in Industries.

  2. Supporting In-plant training/ Industrial visits for students in Industries.

  3. Signing MoU with Industry bodies and to formalize various engagements between industry and academia.

  4. Collaborate with industries under Industry-Institute partnership and to support long term educational, research and management development programmes for both the parties.

  5. Making students employable as desired by the industry by interfacing industry representatives and academic fraternity.

  6. Facilitating industry experts for class room teaching to provide industry updates as well as employable skills and competencies among the students.

  7. Facilitating faculty members to upgrade knowledge and skill in thrust areas of engineering and technology through training programs offered by Industry.

  8. Facilitating training and development programs for Industry members by the Institute.



Convener- Centre for Internship and Industry Interaction (CIII),

Puducherry Technological University.

Email :

Mobile : +919443493599