Entrepreneurship Road Map & Guidelines for Students.

The following are the guidelines for the students to walk through the path of Entrepreneurship.

Step - 1 - The Innovative Idea.

Come out with an innovative idea which can solve someone's problem. A problem is job done with lot of pain or not done at all by your potential customers. Validate your idea with your potential customers using design thinking principles. Focus on the value creation part of your product/service that will impress/compel your customers to buy your product or service.

Step - 2 - Sharpen your Skills.

  • Register your Membership with IEDC

  • Learn the vital and essential Skills through formal Entrepreneurship education.

  • Participate in Entrepreneurship Development Events organized by IEDC.

Step - 3 - Form a Team

  • Form a Team with like minded and passionate colleagues.

  • Identify a Mentor to Guide You.

Step - 4 - Create a Start Up and Incubate your Start-Up in the Incubation Centre.

  • Once you validate your product /service is valuable, Create a Start-Up company.

  • Register your start-up with Registrar of Firms/Start-Up India.

  • Apply for Incubation in Atal Incubation Centre, PEC.

  • Use the facilities available in the Incubation Centre to convert your product into a sustainable venture.

Step - 5 - Scale your Venture

  • Present Your start-up idea to potential funding agencies.

  • Scale up your business venture and make it big.