Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre

Puducherry Technological University


Upcoming Events

Online Classes : Classes for MBA - Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture Development shall be conducted in Online Mode as per the guidelines of the Institute due to COVID.

Student Innovation Challenge : Participate in the Student Innovation Challenge to provide innovative solutions to the problems of the community. Last date for submission of applications 31-01-2021.

Warm Welcome to IEDC

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The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) of Puducherry Technological University was initiated to provide a platform to assist and enable young entrepreneurs to initiate startup companies for commercial exploitation of technologies developed by them. The IEDC of Puducherry Technological University also enables the budding entrepreneurs to showcase and test their abilities to run a start up business. The centre provides formal entrepreneurship education to students. The centre offers a Minor degree in Entrepreneurship with twenty credits along with basic and advanced course on entrepreneurship as electives. The centre also provides incubation facility to start-ups with the support of Atal Incubation Centre.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are critical for the growth of any economy, in an increasingly competitive world. They become even more critical for India as its demographic dividend can only be realized with rapid creation of employment and income generation opportunities.Global experience shows that, apart from creating wealth and boosting the economy, new businesses also create disproportionately more jobs than established ones. IEDC of PEC provides a range of resources that enables it to : Empower students, faculty and staff to pursue entrepreneurial achievements that improve people’s lives, drive the economy and help innovators bridge the gap between inventor and venture capitalist, Connect current students with Engineering alumni who work in the start-up community, Provide grants for students to pursue their own ideas for companies and products, Support, simplify and clarify student intellectual property transfer processes for students and the broader community, Develop and maintain an entrepreneurship certificate program so that engineering students can take courses in innovation and business from experts in entrepreneurial community.

Activities of IEDC

The centre actively creates an environment for the young graduates to test their business ideas with minimal risks. The centre facilitates the following events for the young first generation entrepreneurs.

  • To arrange series of Entrepreneurship development programs and interactive sessions to promote Entrepreneurship in the institute.

  • To arrange skill development sessions in Entrepreneurship for the budding Entrepreneurs to increase their confidence level.

  • To arrange webinars and online training sessions for students to get used to the technicals of Entrepreneurship

  • To facilitate the student teams to showcase their business ideas to funding agencies.

  • To facilitate seed funding for the young Entrepreneurs to test their business ideas with minimal risks.

  • To initiate start ups within the campus by student community by applying their business ideas.

  • To help the first generation Entrepreneurs in the registration process of the firm , marketing, accounting and taxation process.

  • To help the successful Entrepreneurs to scale up their business.

  • To inculcate the culture of "apply what you learn and earn while you learn" in the campus.